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Dynamic Space Kitchen Design Principals.

Recently we sent Kate, one of our newest team members to a Dynamic Space workshop conducted by Blum ... our wonderful hardware supplier. It was a great session for Kate and reminded me of essential design considerations that are incorporated into every Kitchen Design Studio's project.

When designing a kitchen for our clients we consider:

1.     Sufficient Storage Space and accomodation for appliances and technology requirements

2.     Optimal work flow

3.     Quality of motion and traffic flow

4.     Best ergonomics

5.     Optimal Access

By incorporating these essential (function) elements with our client's brief, based on their available space and desired use of the kitchen, and applying the most appropriate finishes and structural elements we aim to achieve the best "Form" and "Function" ... being the basis for best design.

Using Blum hardware from Europe and the best available materials from Australia and overseas we strive to provide a perfectly designed kitchen that is function, practical and beautiful within the confines of our client's budget.

Our in-house team of interior designers, cabinet makers and project specialists deliver our beautiful Italian and Australian made cabinetry, hardware and accessories to our clients ... always striving to delivery a great integrated product with the best possible customer service experience.